Babes in the Woods

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Babes in the Woods - the two-woman show

Michael Huston and Cynthia Babak have been creating their hillarious brand of character-driven sketch comedy for over a decade. Transforming themselves into a mostly urban melange of many cultures, ages and genders, their style is smart social satire with lots of heart. NYC venues include: The Knitting Factory, The West Bank Cafe, HERE and P.I.T. to name a few. They have also perfomed at the college campuses of Vassar and Emory University.

GREETINGS - Lou and Hy, octaganarian greeting card creators with a vaudevillian flair, try to stay in step with the times to increase sales.

NEW HELLI DELI - Mystical Indian deli owner doesn’t make sandwiches, but does make customers perform The Hokey Pokey, against their will!

LAUNDROMAT - Delores and Mary, two Brooklyn seniors and long-time friends, butt heads and scheme at the local laundromat.

BEAUTY SECRETS - Ivanna, a militant esthetician, gives beauty newbie, Leslie, a facial not soon to be forgotten.

TAKE FIVE - Blues musicians, T-Bone and Wingtip, “take five” in the recording studio to debate the vagaries of their favorite, incomprehensible, tv shows.

JOHN & BRAD - Moral ambiguity reigns when the titular duo get hammered at their local Wall Street bar.

TWENTY SOMETHING - Meadow has a big surprise when her hit-and-run friend Amber tells everyone the wrong date for her birthday party which leaves just the two of them with no cool people. How to tactfully extricate...hmmm...

EXPOSITION MAID - Borrowing from cinematic screwball comedies of the 30‘s and 40‘s, a totally cheesy way to set the scene for any show or occasion.

TWENTY-FOUR COUNTS - The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd - tryouts for Amy Fisher, the Musical!!

OUR MOTHER, MOTHER THERESA - Adult daughters Francie and Regina want more than anything for their mother to spend some quality time with them; but that’s tough when your mom is a saint...literally.

NEW BABY - Two precocious toddlers struggle with the unfairness of being usurped by a baby brother.

LUNCHBREAK - Mikelle and Sinthea, two urban check-out girls, dish everything from boyfriends to the D train on their break from the Food Emporium.

TRICK OR TREAT - Hispanic mother has difficulties getting her Sponge Bob bedecked daughter to suck it up and ask for candy on Halloween.

LEWIS & CLARK - A musical, gay spin on the famous explorers, L. and C.

OFFICE PARTY - Uptight pencil pusher, John, and his lovesick secretary, Babs, let their guard down at the annual Christmas Party.

HELEN - Stressed-out crossing guard finds sanctuary at kid-frazzled Francie’s home, where the tv and the coffee is always on.

D.M.A.M.D. - Drunk Mothers Against Mad Drivers. Need we say more? Oh, yes, they sing.

MARCI STACY - Every horror story you’ve ever heard of the theatrical interview process rolled into one when an actor meets uber casting director, Marci Stacy, and her put-upon assistant, Heather.

MODELS - Tatiana and Marianna, two vulgar models/sisters of unknowable European origin, eat/don’t eat at a trendy cafe.

I LOVE JUNKIE LUCY - Lucy and Ethel have just gotten out of rehab for a plum job, opening mail for the President of the United States! We know it makes no sense and that’s the point!

Pig Tales - three short plays about restaurants.