Babes in the Woods

Word on the Street

Babes in the Woods - the two woman comedy show

“Individually they are two very funny and brilliantly talented women. As a team, they are unbeatable.”
- THEATRE WEEK (Tom Moran)

“Smartly written and well executed... played to commanding, all-too-realistic-perfection.”
- NY POST (Chip Deffaa)

Pig Tales - three short plays about restaurants

“Slinging crawfish over margaritas, Michael Huston and Cynthia Babak concoct three ditzy short plays about dining and its discontents. In The Dixie Pig, The Silent Pig, and The Crazy Pig the higgledy-piggledy duo gets site specific setting their surreal hash of the FBI (Food and Beverage Industry) in a popular Theatre Row restaurant. Passing by the dining area on your way out you may find yourself feeling wary of the waiters, if not slightly unhinged.”
- VILLAGE VOICE, Voice Choices